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    Security is one of the most important, this concept is the guiding ideology TAR terminals. TAR terminals in the use of a good, completely replace the traditional electrical tape, connection cap, with its safe, reliable, efficient and convenient operation without tools is popular with the construction and decoration industry, she is in Germany and Europe, the United States, Japan, the most widely used connector, and obtained the CE, ROHS certification, etc.

    Because the connection such as electrical tape, connection cap easily aging, fall off, poor insulation, convex form safe hidden trouble, easy to cause electric shock and other personal injury or electrical system after fire. In addition increasing use as home appliance, power load increasing, such as poor contact wire joint (joint resistance), big resistance current cause fever, will be a huge security risk.

The TAR terminals, completely avoid the above the safe hidden trouble that caused by bad contact; TAR terminal, use the ROHS standard materials, environmental protection; Shell USES the transparent PC, flame retardant nylon PA66, conductive use tin pure copper, small resistance, electrical loss quantity is little, imported stainless steel spring, and durable, reusable. The obvious advantages of TAR terminal:
1.safety: long life, no corrosion, aging resistant, high voltage, high temperature and normal work.
2.reliability: spring clamping reliable connection and not fall off. Due to the binding force with the wire thickness automatic adjustment, so that wire access reliable, is not affected by the installation technology. Therefore, connectors can at any time, any circumstances make the wire connection is reliable, resistance to vibration and free maintenance.
3.high efficiency, without tools in use, can be inserted, greatly reduce the time of the wiring work, in fact, in view of the family decoration, after using TAR terminal connection technology, each wire connection will save wire length about 500 px, save time by more than 80%, the comprehensive cost reductions and. Each product has mounted test hole, installation, testing, maintenance is convenient.