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The parts in the process of power supply terminals, electrical connections
  Release time:2016-9-24   Form:Yueqing Tar Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd.   Hots:1412
    Power supply terminals into the category of electrical connections in the process of parts, it is for the sake of aspects lead to the normal connection between production molding, it is also a section of metal in the plastic insulation, its both ends with a hole, convenient inserting conductor, with the screw in the hole,Have the effect of fixed and relax, need to wire fastening, while you can easily do not need to disconnect, within the scope of the industry generally should be divided to the connector within this category, with the degree of industrial technology and demand more and more strict and precise,In the use of power supply terminals are also growing, use more and more widely, species became more and more.

    Power supply terminals according to different standards can be divided into different types, such as WUK terminals, European series, rail terminals, wear wall type terminals, terminal 2 ring terminal, 6.4 ring terminal, such as different types of terminals, The scope of its use is also different. Is currently the most widely used power supply terminals, in addition to the PCB terminals, there are hardware terminals, spring terminals, such as its biggest role is has certain pressure welding area, to ensure reliability of the link, to ensure the enough in the process of current flow.