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  (Model) D-50A D-50B D-50C
(Specification )   CH1 CH2 CH1 CH2 CH1 CH2
DC output voltage / current 5V  5A 12V   2A 5V  5A 24V  1A 12V   2A 24V   1A
Wave and noise  50mVp-p 75mVp-p 50mVp-p 100mVp-p 50mVp-p 100mVp-p
Inlet stability  ±0.5% ±1% ±0.5% ±0.5% ±0.5% ±0.5%
Load stability ±0.5% ±5% ±0.5% ±8% ±0.5% ±8%
Efficiency 80% 82% 84%
Adjustable range for DC voltage CH;+10,-5% CH;+10,-5% CH;+10,-5%
Input current 1.8A/110V   0.9A/230VAC
AC input voltage range                               85~132VAC/170~264VAC  selected by switch 47~63Hz, 240~370VDC
AC Inrush current Cold-start current 18A/115V 36A/230V
Overload protection 105%-130%     Type: cut output;   Reset: automatic recovery
Over-voltage protection CH1:115%-135%
Setup, rise, hold up time 200ms,100ms,30ms
Withstand voltage Input and output internal:1.5KVAC,Input and enclosure:l.5KVAC,Output and enclosure:0.5KVAC   1minute
Isolation resistance Input and output internal: Input and enclosure, Output and enclosure:500VDC/100MΩ
Working temperature and humidity  -10°C~+60°C(Refer to output derating curve),20%~90%RH
Safety standards GB9434  UL60950 EN60950
EMC standards GB9254  EN55022  ClassA
Overall dimension 159X98X38mm
Weight 0.55kg