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Shell material: ABS
Material characteristics: impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance, long life, good insulation properties, easy processing and electrical performance, surface gloss and good features.
Protection class: IP67
Uses and characteristics: High-end plastic waterproof box is made of high-quality polycarbonate (PC) or ABS material, suitable for harsh industrial environments of electrical and electronic control equipment, ships, petrochemicals, large factories, coastal factories, terminals Water treatment facilities, a variety of anti-natural disaster equipment. External mounting method: through the box at the bottom of the mounting hole diameter fixed to the wall (through the box's four corners, straight screws or nails on the wall or board)
Inlet and outlet holes: The product is fixed by plastic bolt design (each waterproof box is equipped with at least two internal M4 copper nuts). Waterproof box can be free to use according to customer requirements above the hole, (hole location and hole size can be specified in accordance with customer requirements processing.) After the hole can be equipped with matching waterproof clamping connector to achieve the best results waterproof.

According to the needs of customers processing, solutions: Opening installation