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The industrial wireless remote control products produced by our company use a high-performance CPU as the main control unit to control the encoded data and various execution actions; the controlled data communicates via the high-frequency unit. All devices use high-precision SMD packages of internationally renowned brands. It features small size, stable performance, and strong anti-jamming capability to ensure product reliability. This product implements all the requirements of the Q/32301 SZKJ01-2008 "Industrial Wireless Remote Control" standard, which can be widely used in CD, MD, QD, JHHM, BHHM electric hoist, electric chain hoist, single beam, double beam, door hanger and Other multi-functional industrial equipment such as remote wireless remote control and crane configuration wireless remote control, wireless data transmission system. For industries with a relatively poor working environment,

Such as electrolysis, metallurgy and mining, large-scale structural parts production, steel rolling, etc., as well as dangerous or toxic, hazardous gas occasions, the use of our company's remote control system can better protect the safety of staff, improve work efficiency and improve the range of activities of the operator; More accurate control, no blind spots, improve production efficiency; easy to use, you can carry.


Single transmitter (handle), A2S/AC36V, A2S/AC110V, A2S/AC220V, A2S/AC380V, customized according to customer requirements

Applicable objects:
Metallurgy, shipbuilding, container terminals, construction machinery, papermaking, storage and machinery manufacturing, etc

This section of the industrial remote control features:
(1) High sensitivity, good accuracy, effective distance, long signal duration.
(2) Transmitters and receivers perform one-to-one encoding to make them more robust to interference.
(3) The appearance of the remote control is made of glass fiber reinforced nylon. It has strong acid and alkali resistance, high and low temperature resistance, and waterproof and dustproof ability.
(4) with emergency stop mushroom head, plus 2 directional function buttons.
(5) Powerful voltage self-test function. When the transmitter voltage is less than 2.2V, the red light of the transmitter will flash slowly. When the voltage is less than 1.8V, the transmitter cannot work.
(6) Up/down can be set to normal, skipping, or suppressing each other.

Transmitter (Handheld)
   ☆ type number: A2S-TX
   ☆ Shell: Reinforced nylon
   ☆ Weight: about 285 grams
   ☆ Protection level: IP64
   ☆ Frequency Range: UHF 430~440MHz
   ☆ Transmitting power: ≤10dBm
   ☆ Battery: 2 alkaline 5 batteries (AA)
   ☆ Security Code: 32 bits (4.3 billion sets of unique identifiers)
   ☆ Ambient temperature: -35oC ~ +80°C (without considering battery temperature resistance)
   ☆ control distance: no interference 100 meters

Receiver (mounted next to the crane)
   ☆ type number: A2S-RX
   ☆ Shell: Reinforced nylon
   ☆ Weight: about 600 grams
   ☆ Protection Level: IP65
   ☆ Frequency Range: UHF 430~440MHz
   ☆Reception sensitivity: -110dBm
   ☆ Security Code: 32 bits (4.3 billion sets of unique identifiers)
   ☆Environmental temperature: -35oC ~ +80°C
   ☆ Receiver power supply: AC36V/AC110V/AC220V/AC380V/AC440V/DC12V/DC24V (according to customer requirements)
   ☆ control contact capacity: 5 amp fully sealed relay (using AC 250V/5A fuse)