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This type of remote controller is customized according to the requirements of Taiwan KIO Xiaojingang DC electric hoist. Connect the power plug and plug in the 5-pin air plug to the side of the electric hoist to achieve wireless remote control.

Specifications:Single transmitter (handle), A2S-DC-180, A2S-DC-300, A2S-DC-500, A2S-DC-195 AC110V, customized according to customer requirements

Applicable objects:
Metallurgy, shipbuilding, container terminals, construction machinery, papermaking, storage and machinery manufacturing, etc

Transmitter (Handheld)
   ☆ type number: A2S-DC-TX
   ☆ Shell: Reinforced nylon
   ☆ Weight: about 285 grams
   ☆ Protection level: IP64
   ☆ Frequency Range: UHF 430~440MHz
   ☆ Transmitting power: ≤10dBm
   ☆ Battery: 2 alkaline 5 batteries (AA)
   ☆ Security Code: 32 bits (4.3 billion sets of unique identifiers)
   ☆ Ambient temperature: -35oC ~ +80°C (without considering battery temperature resistance)
   ☆ control distance: no interference 100 meters

Receiver (mounted next to the crane)
   ☆ type number: A2S-DC-RX
   ☆ Shell: Reinforced nylon
   ☆Heavy weight: about 1380g
   ☆ Protection Level: IP65
   ☆ Frequency Range: UHF 430~440MHz
   ☆Reception sensitivity: -110dBm
   ☆ Security Code: 32 bits (4.3 billion sets of unique identifiers)
   ☆Environmental temperature: -35oC ~ +80°C
   ☆ Receiver power supply: AC36V/AC110V/AC220V/AC380V/AC440V/DC12V/DC24V (according to customer requirements)
   ☆ control contact capacity: 5 amp fully sealed relay (using AC 250V/5A fuse)