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Hoist hoist electric hoist with a wireless remote control can be customized 
supply voltage: DC12V,DC24V,AC380V ,AC220V,AC110V,AC48V,AC36V
 Due to the transport restrictions, the battery is not in the package, you should buy AA batteries yourself to ues it
This section of industrial remote control features:
(1) high sensitivity, good accuracy, effective distance, signal persistence for a long time.
(2) the transmitter and receiver for one-to-one encoding, so that its anti-interference ability.
(3) the appearance of the remote control material using glass fiber reinforced nylon material, has a strong acid corrosion, high and low temperature and water and dust resistance.
(4) with emergency stop mushroom head, plus two direction function keys.
(5) a strong voltage self-test function, when the transmitter voltage is less than 2.2V when the transmitter is slowly flashing red light tips, the voltage is less than 1.8V transmitter can not work.
(6) Up / down can be set to normal, Na jump, whether to suppress each other.