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This section of the industrial remote control features:
(1) High sensitivity, good accuracy, effective distance, long signal duration.
(2) Transmitters and receivers perform one-to-one encoding to make them more robust to interference.
(3) The appearance of the remote control is made of glass fiber reinforced nylon. It has strong acid and alkali resistance, high and low temperature resistance, and waterproof and dustproof ability.
(4) A total of 12 function buttons for one start, one stop, plus 10 directions.
(5) It has an independent security key to prevent unauthorized persons from using it, and the start mode adopts the dial or knob to start.
(6) Powerful voltage self-test function. When the transmitter voltage is less than 2.2V, the red light of the transmitter flashes slowly. When the voltage is less than 1.8V, the transmitter cannot work.
(7) There may be a computer interface to set internal functions
(8) The power on and alarm keys are set to normal, inch, jump, and general functions.

(9) Up/down can be set to normal, skipping, or suppressing each other.

Key function defaults to jog, self-locking, etc.

Single transmitter (handle), F24-10S/AC380V, F24-10S/AC220V, F24-10S/AC36V, F24-10S/DC24V, customized according to customer requirements