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BV1703 series manual automatic integrated electric ball valve

Product Overview: Bv1703 electric ball valve is suitable for on-off control of various devices. The actuator drives the ball valve to perform 90° motion. Actuator motor operation drives the valve to open or close to allow circulation or disconnection of media in the pipeline.

1. The mechanical plus indicator light shows the operating status signal of the electric valve (normal abnormal)
2, valve power signal.
3, with manual auxiliary switch valve function.
4, there is a fault indicator

Supply voltage: DC12V/AC12V ±5%
Maximum current: ≤400ma
Travel: 90 degrees angular travel
Running time: 40 seconds
Torque: 12Nm
Lead length: 30cm
Protection class: IP65
Operating temperature: -20° to +77°C
Storage temperature: -40°+85°C
Operating Humidity: 90%
Storage Humidity: 90% (without packaging)