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SEV501 (electric ball valve)

Product description SEV501 series electric ball valve is a new product with lock function and adjustable flow volume. It is mainly used for heating and heating, solar evacuation system, HVAC and water system's on-off control. It is composed of electric drive and valve body. The actuator drives the valve body to rotate 90 degrees, the actuator is driven by the synchronous motor and the limit contact is built. It can make the valve fully open or full off and the action is stable. The valve body and the driver can be installed separately, greatly improving the installation efficiency and convenience; after the installation can be sealed with a lock, can prevent the driver to dismantle the heating behavior. The valve body and the driver can be installed at any angle, so that the valve is completely closed when the valve is closed, and can also solve the contradiction due to a cell design problem caused by the initial temperature inconsistencies in each user's home. Now, the valve angle can be adjusted to meet the temperature of each household.

Technical Parameters
     Drive power: AC230V±10%, 50/60Hz
      Power consumption: 6VA (only when the valve is opened and closed)
      Motor Category: Synchronous Motor
      Action time: 15S
      Lead length: 50cm
      Nominal pressure: 1.6Mpa
      Close pressure difference: <0.6Mpa (two-way)
                <0.3Mpa (three links)
      Connection method: pipe thread G
      Applicable medium: cold, hot water or 50% ethanol solution
      Medium temperature: 2-90°C