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IS50 (Smart Card Locking Valve)

product description

1, Recharge use: no value off valve, automatic control, no household stopwatch, fees, to achieve pre-fee management.
2, using RF IC card swipe, there is no common card type instrument bayonet, the entire controller part is completely sealed, waterproof and moisture resistant, can be installed in harsh environments (such as pipeline wells), the use of logical encryption card, anti-decryption attack ability .
3, Under-current protection function: When it is detected that the battery voltage is lower than the set value, it promptly closes the valve automatically, and the running data is automatically saved, prompting the user to replace the battery in time.
4. Write-back function: When the user swipes the card, the current state of the smart lock valve will be written to the card to facilitate the management center to understand the current operating status of the user valve.
5. It is especially suitable for the reconstruction of heating systems in old residential areas.
6, Micro power consumption: The quiescent operating current is less than 10 microamperes. The design of the liquid crystal display module enables the user to intuitively see various important parameters and is convenient to use.
7, time, heat two kinds of billing methods, thermal methods need to use with the heat meter.
8, the regular self-test function: every 15 days, the valve self-test once to prevent the valve because of a long time without the "rust died", but also can be removed for a long time without the formation of internal scale.
9, unique online version of the charging system, easy to achieve master station, sub-station communications office card reader data.
10, low temperature protection function to prevent the valve from freezing in the closed condition.
11, The clock shows that it is convenient for users to supervise the accuracy of heating control and time, accurate to minutes, eliminating many unnecessary questions and disputes.
12, before the valve factory can be set to test the water pressure before heating time; can be set to open the valve micro-function, can be customized to shut off the valve automatically, you can also order M-BUS remote transmission, remote communication with remote digital communication interface to facilitate data far Pass and control.