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MDEV30 (dynamic balancing electric valve)

product description

     The dynamic balance electric valve is a new generation product that is different from the traditional balance valve. This valve is a combination of an electric control valve and a dynamic balance valve. The automatic control system commands the electric valve to open or close. Within a certain pressure range, the dynamic balance valve keeps this The flow rate remains unchanged, which effectively reduces external influences while keeping the unit's flow rate constant, making the system adjustment more stable. The flow rate can be adjusted within a range.


     MDEV30 dynamic balance electric valve adopts paraffin wax propeller. It is operated by PTC heating without noise. With spring return function, the valve closes after power off. The position of the stroke is indicated by the opening degree. The nut connection installation method is simple, rapid and easy to disassemble.
·Drive is straight stroke, good interchangeability;
·Flow error ≤ 5%;
· Stable: The flow rate of the end equipment is not affected by the system pressure fluctuations, and the flow changes do not interfere with each other;
Energy-saving: 6-20% energy saving compared to traditional systems;
Efficient: greatly reduce the commissioning time, the system runs with high efficiency;
Comfort: higher temperature control accuracy, more comfortable than traditional variable flow systems;

Technical Parameters

Voltage: AC24V, 110V, 230V (220V) Dynamic balance valve body part
Power Consumption: 2VA Body Material: Brass (Cu ≥ 57%)
Thrust: 110N Sealing material: EPDM
Stroke: 3mm Liner Material: Stainless Steel 304
Total time: 3-5min Medium temperature: 1-95°C