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SEV8000 electric ball valve (manual function)

product description

     The SEV8000... series electric ball valve is suitable for the on-off control of the heating system and the air conditioning fan coil system. It consists of a ball valve and an actuator. The actuator drives the ball valve to perform 90% of the movement. The actuator is driven by a synchronous motor and has built-in limit contacts to enable the valve to be powered off when fully open or fully closed.
     The SEV8000... series electric ball valves are widely used in systems such as heating, air conditioning systems, floor heating systems, and solar energy emptying systems.
     The SEV8000... series electric ball valve has a manual on-off valve function, which is more convenient during commissioning or overhaul.
Good waterproof and dustproof function and sealing performance (IP65);
Shorter power-on time, energy-saving products, longer motor life;
Actuator demolition, installation is simple;
Straight through water, no slag, KVS value is much larger than the ordinary two-way valve;
The flexible valve opens to effectively prevent water hammer;
Two-way synchronous motor, two corner limit switches, manual function after power off;
Low noise, dynamic noise less than 40dB;
Brass forging, natural color, surface treatment by special process;
Suitable for water or ethylene glycol with a concentration of not more than 60%;

Not easy to block, close pressure difference, close tight;

Technical Parameters

Medium: Cold/Hot Water and 60% Ethylene Glycol
Specifications: DN15/DN20/DN25/DN32 (two-way or three-way)
Power supply voltage: AC220V/AC24V
Power consumption: 4W (only when the valve is opened and closed)
Running time: 20 seconds
Medium temperature: 2°C-95°C (100°C-250°C can be customized)
Close pressure difference: 0.6MPa
Lead length: 50cm