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WL-601 wireless electric valve

product description
     The WL-601... series wireless ball valve adopts advanced international wireless technology to realize data transmission and reception through wireless methods. The temperature controller compares the difference between the indoor temperature and the set temperature, and transmits a signal to the wireless electric valve to open or close the valve.
The main technical parameters
Actuator technical parameters: Ball valve technical parameters:
Power Supply Voltage: AC220V/DC24V/DC12V/DCV Medium: Cold/Hot Water and 60% Ethylene Glycol
Frequency: 433M Specifications: DN20 (two links)
Power consumption: 2W (only when the valve is opened and closed) Medium temperature: 2°C-95°C (100°C-250°C can be customized)
Communication distance: >150M (open) Close pressure difference: 0.6MPa
Running time: 15 seconds
WL-601 electric valve features:
·Direct flow, large flow, no slag;
Good waterproof and anti-ash function (IP54 protection level);
· The valve is hot and cold, and the environment is cold and hot cannot be transmitted to the actuator;
· The actuator can be installed after the installation of the equipment and the pipeline, which is more conducive to increase vigilance and installation efficiency;
· Because of the eccentric structure of the actuator, the valve can be installed close to the wall;
·The soft opening of the valve can effectively prevent water hammer;
· Power consumption: 2W when the valve is open and closed, with little power consumption;
·Power indication, signal indication, switch valve indication, IP setting key function;