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TV60 (liquid crystal digital thermostatic valve)

product description
TV60 electric ball valve is a power-off automatic reset product, which is mainly used for on-off control of heating heating and air conditioning heating water system. Composed of actuator and valve body, the driver adopts an integrated chip, which can automatically open the valve when the power is suddenly cut off, so that the user will not stop heating due to power outage under special circumstances, and the heating pipeline will not be frozen due to power outage.

Technical Parameters

Power supply voltage: DC12V, DC24V
Power consumption: 2W (only when valve is open, closed)
Action: 90 degrees positive and negative
Switching valve time: 5-15 seconds
Nominal pressure: 1.6MPa
Medium temperature: 2°C-95°C (100°C-250°C can be customized)
The biggest pressure difference: 1.0MPa