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M-BUS Thermostatic valve

product description

     The M-BUS... series temperature control valve is the classic product of the time-to-pass area method, which fills in the blanks. It takes a brand-new concept, humanized design, and truly enlightens the safety, energy-saving, practical and practical effects, and provides users with the most Direct, convenient and comfortable feeling.
     M-BUS-001 LCD digital temperature controller and M-BUS-TV70 electric ball valve.

Dual temperature display intuitive
M-BUS communication bus power supply, no independent power supply; safer use, more efficient and quick installation; connection of the panel using a dedicated bus protocol, but also increase the reliability of communication;
·Using high reliability microcontrollers, strong anti-interference;
· Through the M-BUS interface can query all settings of the device parameters;
· With temperature calibration function;
· With antifreeze function;
Low temperature protection function;
· Unexpected alarm function;
·Activate function;
Valve protection function;

Product Innovation and Technical Features
     M-BUS-001 LCD digital temperature controller is used to collect ambient temperature and provide user control interface. It can display the current ambient temperature and set temperature. Through the panel, the user can adjust the current mode and set the temperature, switch machine, etc. according to different needs. At the same time, M-BUS-001 LCD digital temperature controller also provides engineering mode configuration, which can be configured in detail for each parameter of the controller.
     M-BUS-001 liquid crystal digital display thermostat power supply is provided by the M-BUS bus, it does not need to add other power supply, but also provides external M-BUS connection control interface, internal connection panel. The connection between the power supply and the panel uses a dedicated bus protocol and has high communication reliability.
     Standard M-BUS slave communication interface. The upper computer or master can manage all devices on the bus through the M-BUS interface. Each device has its own M-Bus address for identifying different devices. This address is already cured at the factory and can be modified via the M-BUS interface. The M-BUS interface provides detailed configuration functions. Through the M-BU temperature S interface, all parameters of the device can be queried, and all setting parameters such as setting temperature, power on/off, power on status, low temperature protection, temperature correction can be configured. Maximum adjustable temperature, minimum adjustable temperature, ambient temperature, and more.