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A8012 actuator

product description
      A8012 electric control valve is a combination of force 2500N and diameter DN40-DN150 regulating valve body. It is widely used in air conditioning, refrigeration, heating and building automation control systems. It can accurately adjust the medium flow in the system to achieve the purpose of controlling system temperature, humidity, pressure and energy saving. Its manual function greatly improves the effectiveness of commissioning and overhauling.
1, simple and quick installation
2, positive reverse action optional
3, no need for separate connecting rod
4, the end limit switch
5, with manual operator
6, position feedback signal
7, no adjustment
8, anti-corrosion design
9, 0~10vDC and 2~10VDC input optional
10, maintenance-free, low energy consumption
Actuators are not spring-return linear valve actuators for continuous control.

Technical Parameters:
1, electrical characteristics: 24VDC, 50/60HZ
2, power consumption: maximum 5VA (24VDC)
3, spool thrust: greater than or equal to 2200N
4, the ambient temperature: -10 °C ~ +50 °C
5, storage temperature: -40 °C ~ +70 °C
6, humidity range: 5% ~ 95% RH no condensation
7, protection level: IP54
8, certification: UL94-5V fire protection
Cable Interface: Two standard openings M18 and M20 can be used for ancillary accessories, and power
1. Actuator Material: Shell: ABS Plastic; Bracket: Cast Aluminum
2, base: cast aluminum