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MDEV20 (Dynamic Balanced Electric Valve)

The dynamic balance electric valve is a new generation product that is different from the traditional electric balance valve. The valve is a combination of an electric control valve and a dynamic balance valve. The automatic control system commands to open or close the electric valve. Within a certain pressure range, the dynamic balance valve maintains This constant flow will effectively reduce external influences while keeping the unit's flow rate constant, making the system adjustment more stable.

Technical Parameters

Dynamic balance valve body part
Body material: Brass (Cu≥57%)
Sealing material: EPDM
Liner material: stainless steel 304
Medium temperature: 1-95°C
Rated flow rate: 0.5-2.5T/h (see the valve body for details)
Differential pressure range: 50KPa...200KPa
Flow error: ±10%