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MDEV10 (dynamic balancing electric valve)

product description
    The MDEV10... series of dynamic balancing electric two-way valves have an integral valve with a flow dynamic balancing function and an electric switch function. It is a kind of high-precision control valve with automatic constant flow within the design working pressure differential range. It can dynamically change the size of valve gallon circulation area according to the change of pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the valve, so that the output flow is always kept constant and can be based on temperature. The controller requires that the actuator accept the signal to open and close the valve to open or close the valve.


· The driver is angular, good interchangeability;
·Flow error ≤ 5%;
· Stable: The flow rate of the end equipment is not affected by the system pressure fluctuations, and the flow changes do not interfere with each other;
Energy-saving: 6-20% energy saving compared to traditional systems;
Efficient: greatly reduce the commissioning time, the system runs with high efficiency;
Comfort: The set temperature control is more accurate and more comfortable than traditional variable flow systems;
Body material: Forged brass
· Stem material: stainless steel;
Sealing material: fluorine rubber;
· Internals: brass, stainless steel;

Body main technical parameters                       Driver main technical parameters

Nominal diameter: DN15-DN25                         Voltage: AC230V, AC24V
Nominal pressure: 1.6MPa Power                      consumption: 4W (only when the valve is opened and closed)
Working temperature: 0°C-+90°C                     Torque: 80kg
Flow error: ±5%                                             Full time: 12-15min
Connection method: internal thread G                lead length: 500mm
Valve material: brass
Spring material: stainless steel
Actuator: Angle stroke execution Close pressure difference ≤ 0.6MPa