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EA20 (electric actuator)

product description

      The EA20... Series electric actuator is a two-point switch actuator that can be used in the implementation of radiators, underfloor heating systems or regional valves. It can automatically shut down the system flow under the control of room thermostats and other electric switches. The drive is only Used as a switch actuator.

working principle

     The electrothermal actuator uses PTC thermal resistance elastic elements and springs. The wax is heated by the operating current to move the thimble. The force is transmitted to the valve stem through the ejector pin to open or close the valve.

Normally closed:
     When there is current flow, the normally closed electrothermal actuator is heated, the ejector pin moves up, and the valve opens; when the current breaks, the spring presses the ejector pin down and the valve closes.
     In the normal case of no current, the spring of the electrothermal actuator is matched to the force required to close the valve, ensuring that the valve is normally closed.

Valve adapter:
     The valve adapter ensures a good combination of electrothermal actuators with the widest range of valves or manifolds.