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SEV7000 (electric valve)

product description

      The SEV7000 motorized valve consists of an actuator and two-way and three-way split valves with open/close characteristics. Automatically adjust the fluid control. The electric valve can be used in conjunction with a thermostat to achieve on-off control of hot and cold water in heating ventilation and air conditioning systems.


Permanent magnet synchronous motor, linear drive;
· With open valve LED indication;
·Double stroke switch limit structure, maintain state after power off;
·Low silence, noise of on/off valve is less than 40dB;
Nut connection installation method, simple and quick, easy removal;
· Automatic detection function when the valve is opened or closed;

Technical Parameters

Voltage: see product label
Power consumption: 6VA
Thrust: 150N
Travel: 3mm
Switching cycle: 15s
Connection size: M30*1.5mm
Ambient temperature: -5°C-55°C
Lead length: 1.2m
Shell material: flame-retardant PC (internal flame retardant enhanced PA66, POM)
Shell protection class: IP40