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SEV4000 (electric valve)

The SEV4000... series three-wire switch-mode electric valve consists of the SEV4000... valve actuator, valve body and replaceable valve plug. It is used to control the opening or closing of cold water or hot water air-conditioning series pipelines to achieve the purpose of controlling the room temperature. And designed for a variety of uses. Depending on the selected model, a low-voltage single-pole controller can be used, or a line-voltage single-pole controller can be used to control the operation of this valve. A three-wire connection is used. Power is consumed only when the valve is opened. Motor power consumption less. The driver can be freely disassembled, and the valve is closed and opened so that the room temperature is always within the temperature range set by the thermostat.

Body material: Brass body;
· Stem material: stainless steel;
· Sealing material: EPDM rubber O-ring;
·Driver chassis: nylon plus fiber;
·Driver cover: flame retardant ABS engineering plastics;
·Working medium: water;
Power consumption: Under normal voltage, the maximum power consumption is 6W;