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A8088 actuator

product description
     A8088 electric regulating valve is composed of 1200N electric actuator and DN20-DN65 regulating valve body. Its widely used in air-conditioning, refrigeration, heating and building installation simple and quick automatic control system, can accurately adjust the media flow in the system, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling temperature, humidity, pressure and energy saving.
No need for connecting rods, installation is quick and easy
Low energy consumption, maintenance-free
· Stroke adaptation function
·End limit and manual switch
· 0(2)-10Vdc input signal, 2-10Vdc position feedback signal
·Action direction optional
• Failsafe position selectable (when control signal is missing)
A8088 series actuators can be connected to Honeywell linear regulators to continuously adjust and control the medium and output 2-10V position feedback signals, which can be widely used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.
Compared with the existing product ML7420A6016-E, the A8088-E has a stroke adaptation function that can accurately reflect the actual stroke position of the valve and improve the mismatch between the feedback number and the input signal.

Technical Parameters
·Power supply 24Vac(±15%)50Hz/60Hz
· Maximum power consumption 7Va (at 24Vac)
·Input signal 0-10V; 0-20mA/4-20mA
· Signal source output impedance 1 kohm
· Maximum load 1mA
·Valve thrust 1200N
Actuator travel 20mm
·Ambient temperature -10°C-+50°C
Storage temperature -40°C-+70°C
·The maximum valve medium temperature is 150°C. If the medium temperature exceeds 150°C, high temperature components are required. The temperature range is extended to 220°C.
· Humidity 5-95% relative humidity, (without condensation)
·Protection level IP54
·Manual operation
Position feedback signal 2-10V