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TV40 Electric Disc Valve

product description
    TV40... series electric disc valve is an automatic reset with high energy-saving power-off (open or close valve after power off), indicating function when valve is opened or closed, anti-theft lock function, adjustable flow rate New products. Mainly used for heating heating, on-off time area method, heat meter method, on-off control of HVAC system. TV50 electric ball valve consists of an electric actuator and a valve body. The actuator drives the valve body to rotate 90 degrees back and forth. The actuator uses a brushless motor to drive the transmission to run the speed change. The built-in limit switch can make the valve fully open or fully shut off when the power is off and the operation is stable.
    TV40 series valve body and driver can be separately installed, greatly improving the installation efficiency and convenience; after the installation can be sealed seal, to prevent the driver to easily remove the warming behavior.
    TV40 series valve body can adjust the size of the valve according to the flow rate or time, so as to reach the contradiction between the initial temperature of each user's home due to the pipeline design problem and the contradiction arises. Now the valve angle can be adjusted to achieve the same temperature for each household.

The main technical parameters

Medium: Cold/Hot Water and 60% Ethylene Glycol
Specifications: DN20 (two channels)
Power supply voltage: AC220V/AC110V/AC24V/DC24V/DC5V
Power consumption: 2W (only when the valve is opened and closed)
Running time: 15 seconds
Medium temperature: 2°C-95°C (100°C-250°C can be customized)
Close pressure difference: 0.6MPa
Lead length: 50cm


·Direct flow, large flow, no slag;
Good waterproof and anti-ash function (IP54 protection level);
· The valve is hot and cold and the environment is not hot or cold inside the actuator;
· The actuator can be installed after the installation of the equipment and the pipeline, which is more conducive to increase vigilance and installation efficiency;
· Because of the eccentric structure of the actuator, the valve can be installed close to the wall;
· Remove the ball valve of the driver can be used ordinary tools switch;
· Flexible valve opening to prevent water hammer effectively;
Sealing the lock to prevent the drive from being removed;
· Power consumption: 2W when the valve is open and closed, with little power consumption;
• When the valve is opened and closed, the indicator light is displayed to make the valve open or close state at a glance.
• The valve opening size can be controlled with time or flow.