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SEV3000 (electric ball valve)

Product Overview 

SEV3000 ball valve consists of ball valve and actuator. Actuator drives the valve to perform 90° motion. The actuator is driven by synchronous motor. Built-in limit switch can make the valve power off when it is fully open or fully closed. Can be used for heating heating systems, air conditioning systems, floor heating systems, solar emptying systems, this section of the ball valve using LED lights, traffic lights to determine whether the valve is switched on to open the goods to achieve self-test effect.
■ Synchronous motor, two angular travel limit switches, keep valve state after power off;
■ Low noise, running noise less than 40dB;
■ The ball valve and actuator are nut connection installation method, quick disassembly
■ Brass Forging, Natural
■ Not easy to block, close pressure difference, close tightly and not leak
■ Long service life, up to 100,000 switches
  ■ With switch valve indicator display
Drive power: 220VAC, 50-60HZ (can be customized 24VAC)
Power: 6W
Action time: 15S
Lead length: 50cm (can be customized)
Medium: Cold/Hot Water
Medium temperature: 2°C-90°C
Control method: three-wire two-control (can be customized three-wire control)