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MW-60 Mixed Water Thermostat

product description

     The MW-60 Mixed Water Controller Series is a control device for floor heating and cooling device systems. This product uses the principle of proportional control. Precisely adjust the control valve opening and temperature changes. The ratio of valve opening to calorific value can be adjusted.
     MW-60 mixing water temperature controller has anti-blocking function. When the water pump jams, the controller judges whether the pump is blocked or not to cut off the power of the pump according to the current. The function of preventing the water pump from burning is really enabled.
     The wiring part of MW-60 mixing water thermostat adopts in-line type, which is 3-5 times faster than the traditional wiring method.

Technical indicators
Technical indicators
Driving power: 100-230VAC, 50-60HZ
Temperature control range: 5°C-85°C
Temperature control accuracy: ±1°C-5°C
Dimensions: 86*86*66mm
Working environment temperature: 0°C-50°C
Storage environment temperature: -10°C-60°C,
Maximum load: ≦3A
Protection level: IP21