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FS60 (fan three speed switch)

product description

     The FS... series three-speed switch is suitable for office hotels and high-grade office buildings. It can control the heating and air-conditioning central air-conditioning end coil motor at the third gear. The product's modern shape design, luxury grade, stable performance, can withstand relatively large power loads.

Technical specifications, characteristics

Rated voltage: 230VAc±10% 50/60Hz;
Load current: ≤ 3A negative load;
Shell material: Environmentally-friendly flame retardant ABS plastic
· Ambient temperature: -25 °C -55 °C third gear;
·Independent switch: Longer life, more convenient and faster than traditional rotary switch;
LED display: LCD display, high-grade, beautiful;
· Controllable range: It can control the third-speed fan second-line valve and three-wire valve;