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MT05 (Mechanical Thermostat)

product description
The MT05... series mechanical thermostatic controller is suitable for the control of electric loads in electric heating floor heating systems and the control of valves in water circulation radiant floor heating systems.
Technical Parameters
Supply voltage: AC220V±10%
  Temperature control range: 10 °C -30 °C (can be customized 5 °C -35 °C)
Working environment: -10°C-60°C, relative humidity: RH<85%
  Temperature control accuracy: ±1°C
Storage environment: -20°C-70°C, relative humidity: RH<95%
  Protection class: IP40
Load current: ≤16A, negative load
  Installation: Type 86 standard cassette

· With working status indicator;
The setting of temperature is completed by the knob on the panel, which is convenient and quick;
· With power switch, can cut off controller power supply;
·Can be customized power conversion function (AC220V input, AC24V output);
Note: Current 16A can be customized.