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ET30 (floor heating electronic thermostat)

product description
     International general-purpose electronic heating thermostat, used for automatic temperature control of heating (equipment) system, "double temperature control" temperature control circuit, for high standards of comfort, safety and energy saving.


· Working status indicator, when the LED indicator light is on, it means heating wall installation;
• sensor failure alarm, short circuit or open circuit heating stops;
Technical Parameters

Voltage: AC24V, 110V, 230V (220V)
Power consumption: 4W
Temperature control range: 5-40°C
Limit temperature range: 25-50°C
Energy-saving temperature: 5°C
Temperature switch deviation: ±1°C
Ambient temperature: -5...50°C
Enclosure protection: IP20
External sensor: lead length is 3m, rubber hot melt package.
Shell Material: Flame Retardant PC