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DC50 LCD Thermostat

product description

DC50 series thermostats are used in commercial, industrial and civil buildings to control air-conditioning, fan coils, electric valves and dampers at the end of the central air-conditioning system. Recommended for use with electric valves such as SEV... series, electric actuator series, MDEV... series.
Weekly cycle, 6 time periods and corresponding set temperature can be set every day
And can choose manual control or temporary control operation mode
Electrically-operated valve control suitable for electric heating equipment control and water system heating
The fan has a controlled anti-condensation function, and the low wind continues to run for 30 seconds after closing the valve in any state.
With infrared remote control, optional remote control
Indoor temperature measurement, ground temperature overheat protection, low temperature protection
Voltage: AV220V
Load: 3A (16A)
Control range: 5...90°C
Switch deviation: ±1°C
Ambient temperature: -5...50°C
Enclosure protection: IP20
Shell Material: Flame Retardant PC