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CN11-2/3/4 cores
product information
Name: Screw-through straight waterproof connector
Article number: CN11
Color: black, please contact customer service for other colors

This product is made of environmentally friendly nylon and fiber-reinforced materials. The terminals are plated with pure copper. The waterproof level reaches the highest IP67 waterproof level in the industry. ROHS and CE professional certifications. Professional engineering suggests opening instructions. The appearance is beautiful, the performance is high, it is very convenient to assemble the socket, and the sturdy shell is explosion-proof and waterproof. Widely used in: high-power outdoor lights, LED strips, LED spotlighting, LED wall wash landscape lighting, outdoor spotlights, bridge tunnel lights, street lights, field exploration equipment, outdoor display and other places where waterproofing is needed. In the event of a failure, there is no need to pinch off the cables, plastic sleeves, etc., only the ends of the waterproof connector need to be unscrewed, which is very convenient for product maintenance.