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Plating: gold, nickel,
Housing: metal, plastic
Material: plastic, copper
The color of the plastic shell can be produced according to customer requirements. The general color of the plastic shell is black;
All environmental protection, able to provide environmental protection information;
Fine workmanship, good material, good electroplating gloss; size is market standard size
Suitable for computer, TV, stereo, MP3 \ 4 \ 5


Environmental conditions:

Ambient temperature: -50 ~ + 70 ℃
Relative humidity: up to 98% at + 40 ° C
Atmospheric pressure: up to 4, 4kpa
Vibration: Vibration frequency is 10 ~ 100Hz, acceleration is 100m / s2
Impact: The frequency is 60 ~ 80 times / minute, and the acceleration is 250m / s2
Centrifugation: acceleration up to 250m / s2

Main technical characteristics:

 Rated voltage: contact logarithm 2 core 3 core 4 core 5 core 6 core is 250V

Rated current: 5A
Contact resistance: The contact resistance of each contact pair is not greater than 0.005Ω
Insulation resistance: not less than 2000MΩ under normal conditions, not less than 20MΩ after constant temperature test
Test voltage: (50Hz, effective value) Under normal conditions, 2 cores, 3 cores, 4 cores, 5 cores and 6 cores are 1500V,
After constant temperature test, 2 cores, 3 cores and 4 cores are 1200V, 5 cores and 7 cores are 1000V
Separation force: The separation force of one foot is 1-3N, and the total separation force is 1.5 times of the upper limit of the separation force of one foot.
Temperature rise: at rated load, the temperature rise due to contact should not be greater than the ambient temperature + 50 ° C

Life: 500 times of plugging and unplugging should not cause harmful plug seat mechanical and performance damage

Working current supports 20A, 5A,
With strong anti-corrosion, anti-light hydration and other functions,
Suitable for machinery and equipment, outdoor LED display, etc.
The specific characteristics are as follows:
1. Working temperature: -45 ° C ~ 105 ° C
2. Relative humidity: 90% ~ 95% (40 ± 2 ° C)
3. Salt spray: 48h in 5% NaC1 mist
4. Sealability: Meet IP68 (2m water depth 2h not deep water)
5. Applicable wire diameter: Φ7.0 ~ 11.0mm
6. Mechanical life: 500 times 7. Insulation resistance: 500M Ω under normal conditions
8. Working current: Φ2 contact: 20A, 1 contact 5A
9. Contact resistance: Φ2 contact 2M Ω, 1 contact: 5M Ω
10. Working voltage and withstand voltage (sea level) Working voltage: 250V (AC) Piezoelectric resistance: 2500V (AC)

Material: flame retardant nylon
Welded Pinhole: Beryllium Bronze
Seal: EPDM rubber
ROHS environmental protection material
Shell Gender: Male Female
Connection method: threaded connection
Combination design style: welding
Shell shape: round
Contact resistance: less than 5 ohms
Insulation resistance: ≥500 ohms atDC500V
High voltage resistance: ≥1000V / 1Minute (2.5KV water shower 1.0KV under normal conditions)
Rated current: (FUS-1) 10A (FUS-2) 15A
Operating temperature range: (minus 45 to minus 105) degrees Celsius
Seal protection: 10m water depth for two weeks
Resistance to mating times: ≥3000 times